New Commercial Warehouse – ENERMAX SMARTcube System with Solar PV & ROSC20 Solar Control


New Warehouse building in Melbourne. Large footprint with significant roof area. Requirement for reliable, uninterrupted bathroom and amenities area heated water supply.

System Requirements:

Requirement for reliable heated water supply to bathrooms, showers and canteen area, delivered at 65°C. Desire to reduce installation cost, minimise energy costs and long-term maintenance.

ENERMAX SMARTcube ROSC20 System Installed:

  • 1 x ENERMAX SMARTcube SC300 (300L) comprising an internal 316 stainless steel coil to provide hygienic hot water and efficient heat exchange performance

  • 1 x ESW ROSC20 solar PV/DC powered element installed into the ENERMAX SMARTcube providing 2kW of solar yield direct from the Solar PV into the tank. AC grid backup available if required

  • 6 x 275W Solar PV panels, roof mounted on flat frames

System Benefits:

Installation savings – significant savings in time and fittings vs solar thermal systems, with simple cable-only connection of Solar PV direct into the tank.

Simpler than Solar Thermal:

  • Solar PV to tank direct connection via a single electrical cable – easy and fast.
  • No water piping required between roof panels and tank, so installation is easier and no heat energy loss through pipework.

Direct solar energy into tank – no inverter is required, keeping installation and operation simple.

Solar energy yield rain or shine – unlike solar thermal systems, ROSC20 does not requires direct sunlight to operate.

Enables 100% off-grid operation, with option of grid backup easily available.

Hygienic – the unique ENERMAX SMARTcube coil keeps water being heated separated from the stored heated water of the tank.

Small footprint does not impact warehouse or amenity space – cube tank footprint of 615mm x 595mm (excluding pipework) can be easily accommodated (vs two storage tanks of a traditional style system for this type of installation).

System Performance:

  • Footprint – Significantly smaller than traditional systems, which would require more than 1 tank.
  • Performance – Will consistently deliver all heated water requirements to the amenities in this installation. First hour delivery of 172L and hourly recovery of 63L, all at 65°C.
  • Efficiency

    • NIL grid-supplied AC electricity boost expected to be required, even outside of Summer.
    • Solar PV vs Solar Thermal, so no heat energy loss through water piping between roof panels and tank.


This innovative Thermal Energy Solutions system meets the client’s requirement for reliable heated water delivery with nil or minimal grid supply. Its simplicity aids in reducing both installation and running costs, and the minimal footprint ensures easy accommodation with minimal impact on space. Its unique design ensures it will continue to deliver savings over its life in both energy and maintenance costs due to the unique system design.