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ROTEX Heat Exchanger hot water packages offer a variety of benefits including:
  • Low heat loss (1.62kW/24hr @ 65C) and high efficiency uses less fuel, therefore saving money and reducing CO2 emissions. ROTEX tanks feature Inox coil/s, separating domestic hot water and stored hot water.
  • Stored hot water is heated by one or more external energy sources.
  • Mains pressure water flows through the Inox coil where it is heated.
  • Smarter Hot Water.

About Thermal Energy Solutions Pty Ltd

Solimpeks Flat Panel Solar hot water installation for our Residential ROTEX package
In Slab hydronic floor heating installation heated by ROTEX tank, tied to the top steel installed and pressurised before the concrete pour
ROTEX Commercial Hot Water package with Enermax gas boosters
Pool and pool side underfloor heating, heated by our Residential ROTEX package
Rotex/ Enermax Skid Mounted packages - for commercial applications

At Thermal Energy Solutions Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves on being able to provide safe, hygienic efficient and effective heating solutions for residential and commercial applications. Domestic and Commercial water heating, space heating designs and pool heating are created around the ROTEX tanks.

We are an authorised distributors and service agents of the ROTEX hot water products. Engineered in Germany, the ROTEX product range encompasses quality and technology. We use the ROTEX tanks and manufacture customised hot water packages.

Thermal Energy Solutions can custom design a solution for your own individual hot water and hydronic heating requirements, whether large scale commercial or smaller residential systems, we design a package to fit your needs and provide quality service and support.

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