Thermal Energy Solutions is an innovator in high efficiency heating technology, for both Commercial and Residential applications.

The systems we design and manufacture utilise energy from a number of sources – grid electricity, gas, solar PV and solar thermal, heat pump (air and ground sourced), waste heat recovery – either as a singular source or in combination, to heat air and water. These sources all deliver highly efficient sustainability-focused energy, using established components from Australian and overseas manufacturers.

Our systems utilise the advanced modular ENERMAX cube tank system, an innovative heat exchange tank using stainless steel heat exchange coils to heat water for consumption. This system not only provides efficient heating, it completely separates this water from the tank water used as the heat source, for purity and hygiene. Together with the capability to heat water to as high as 85°C, this can meet the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Typically, a Thermal Energy Solutions system occupies a smaller footprint and delivers reduced operating and lifetime maintenance costs, compared to a traditional system.

Our in-house Engineering department can provide a full system proposal and design service, including system specifications and drawings to meet all hydraulic and mechanical design requirements.

Our systems are built in-house, assembled by plumbers and provided pre-assembled with minimal connection requirements, delivering significant installation cost savings.

If sustainability, design options and future proofing domestic hot water delivery are in the scope of your next project, please contact us for any assistance and information relating to our entire commercial range of water heating plant and equipment.