Residential – Sydney Home Water, Hydronic Underfloor & Pool Heating


A new Sydney harbourside home, which due to its scale has heavy, diverse room/water heating and domestic hot water demands:

  • 8 bathrooms, servicing 4 bedrooms plus a guest bedroom
  • Kitchen and laundry water requirements
  • 600m2 of underfloor hydronic heating
  • 100,000L swimming pool heated and maintained at 25°C
  • 5,000L spa pool heated to 32°C

System Requirements:

Reliable delivery of high volume year-round heating requirements. Significant hydronic heating demands through Winter, large pool and spa demands through Summer and year round domestic water heating requirements.
Energy efficiency is paramount for such a large scale application, so Solar contribution to energy requirements is to be maximised, to reduce energy costs. Small system footprint and plant room space requirements, to fit within architectural design requirements.

ENERMAX System Solution:

  • 2 x ENERMAX SMARTcube 500L comprising dual 316 Stainless Steel coils, to provide hygienic hot water, hydronic underfloor heating and a Titanium coil to provide heating for pool and spa water

  • 3 x 32L/min condensing Continuous Flow gas, 6-star energy rating, 96.4% efficiency

  • 10 x Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors (low angle mounting)

System Performance:

  • Footprint – Total tanks plant footprint 2.2 sq mtrs (2000 x 1100mm), Continuous Flow gas boosters wall-mounted separately with direct fluing through plantroom roof vent. Solar thermal panels located remotely, on building roof.

  • Performance – Since installation (August 2020), the system is delivering against all requirements, with consistent supply of all water, hydronic and pool heating as demanded to required temperature without interruption.
  • Energy Efficient – Using Solar Thermal energy as a water pre-heating source means the requirement for Gas boosting has been minimal to date, even through the Winter period since installation.


This Thermal Energy Solutions system is a custom fit-for-purpose installation. It delivers heated water against diverse and at times heavy demands, using renewable energy sources for maximum efficiency and will continue to deliver heating and energy savings over its life. Lifetime maintenance costs, particularly of the Continuous Flow gas units, will be reduced due to the unique system design.

“The team at Thermal Energy Solutions have completed the design, supply and installation of our multi-functional system into our new family dwelling at Lavender Bay, NSW. Using natural gas as the main energy source combined with solar pre-heating, (see photos) our domestic hot water, underfloor hydronic heating as well as pool heating needs are being met all from the one central system located in our plant room area. We’re looking forward to many years of efficient, reliable and durable hot water delivery from our new Thermal Energy Solutions water heating system”.
(B Housman, Client)